Reverse Split

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Join for ideas, alerts, and discussion of small-scale arbitrage opportunities.

Why You Should Join

RSPro is a group for short-term, low-risk arbitrage trades too small for most investors. As a member, you'll receive push notifications of trades too complicated or lucrative for Twitter. And for conventional Nasdaq/NYSE reverse splits, you'll get push alerts before they go on Twitter. 

Here's a sample of some of the actionable ideas you'll receive as a member of RSPro:

  • Early notification of Nasdaq/NYSE reverse splits.
  • Reverse split round ups involving over-the-counter (OTC) stocks.
  • Unusual reverse splits, e.g. when a company is preserving round lots so that holders get rounded up to 100 shares instead of 1.
  • Forward split rounds ups, which can be done by purchasing fractional shares at certain brokers.
  • Stock dividend round ups, where a dividend is issued in stock with fractional shares rounded up.
  • Merger round ups, where shares of one company are exchanged for another as part of a merger and fractional shares are rounded up.
  • Tender offers with odd lot priority, where a bulk purchase of shares at a higher than market price creates value for investors holding 99 shares or fewer.
  • Going private transactions, where a company effects a reverse split in an effort to get below 300 shareholders, paying cash-in-lieu at a premium to share purchase price.
  • Rights offerings, where companies issue rights to purchase new stock at a discount, but not scalable for large investors.
  • Database of upcoming reverse splits. Companies often announce reverse splits before assigning a date. As a member, you'll have access to a database of all announced splits where round up is likely, and can purchase shares ahead of time. 
  • Alternative opportunities: sign up bonuses, credit card churning, manufactured spending, and any other non-investing arbitrage. These can be some of the most lucrative ideas. 

User may (and I hope will) propose their own trade ideas and strategies suited to small-scale investors. These may include deep research on long-term prospects of the companies involved in other trades, dividend capture, and speculative plays on low-liquidity vehicles open primarily to small investors.